Face Painting

Colours are your words, the brush is your mic and their face is your stage. Exhibit your overflowing imagination and boundless creativity through Face Painting. Paint them beautiful and paint them mesmerising, for only an artist can bring out the inner beauty of people.

∙ Number of members per team: 2 (1 painter + 1 to be painted on)
∙ Number of teams per college: Maximum of 3
∙ Registrations: Spot registrations will close 30 minutes prior to the event
∙ The event is scheduled for 2 hours
∙ The theme will be revealed 15 minutes before the event begins
∙ Use of phones, tablets or printouts to copy designs, will lead to immediate disqualification from the event
∙ Teams should paint only with the materials provided by the organizers
∙ The team will be given time to explain the painting to the judges
∙ The decision of the judges will be final and binding

Coming Up Soon !!!


  • Shwetha - 7708461145
  • Tanvi - 9444235755
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