Tattoo Making

Exhibit your emotions and paint stories, not on paper, but on skin. Use your creativity to produce beauty. In a win-win situation, walk away from the event with the satisfaction of an artisan and the joy of a pocket filled. Here is your chance to ink your friend with your very own tattoo! Are you up for the battle of inks?

∙ Number of members per team: 2 (1 painter + 1 to be painted on)
∙ Number of teams per college: Maximum of 3
∙ Theme will be revealed 15 minutes before the event
∙ Registrations: Spot registrations will close half an hour prior to the event
∙ Use of phones, tablets or printouts to copy designs will lead to immediate disqualification from the event
∙ The event is scheduled for 2 hours
∙ Teams should paint only with the materials provided by the organizers
∙ The team will be given time to explain their work to the judges
∙ The decision of the judges will be final and binding

Coming Up Soon !!!


  • Shwetha - 7708461145
  • Tanvi - 9444235755
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