Choreo Nite - Non-Themed

All the world's a stage when you dance like there’s no one watching. Do that right here at Choreo night, Festember style.

∙ A preliminary round will be held to shortlist the teams.
All teams need to send a recorded video of duration 3 minutes (minimum) to 5 minutes (maximum) “” by 2nd September. Only shortlisted teams will be allowed to participate in the finals
∙ A few teams will be given another shot to compete for their spot in the finals
based on their registration video. These teams will have to perform before the judges on Day 1 in the Wildcard Round of Choreonite which will follow the same rules as the final event
∙ Music length should be for maximum 8 minutes with an additional 2 minutes to set up on stage. This is inclusive of narration
∙ Number of participants: 8-25. Not including the dancers, extra 3 members are allowed for backstage help, music and lighting arrangements. These 3 members should at no point, be present during the performance on stage
∙ The competition music must not contain inappropriate, lewd or offensive language
∙ All props with an exception of fire, oil, water or any other object that could damage the floor are allowed
∙ Slot allocation will start around noon on Day 2 of Festember . Team Captains with their entire crew are to be present, as registration for the event will happen alongside song submission and promo video submission
∙ Slots will be dealt solely based on first come first serve basis
∙ Immediately after the slot allocation, the crew will get to go on stage for a run through (strictly 10 minutes)
∙ Any decision taken by the judges or by the organisers will be deemed final


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  • Tejus - 9087777585
  • Sunanda - 9176725628
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