Can you play Rahul better than Shah Rukh Khan, or play Jon Snow better than Kit Harington? Can your quick wits entertain the masses? Think you have what it takes to put on a show where the plot changes as you speak? If yes, we have the right platform for you to showcase the actor in you. Think fast, this is Improvathon!


∙ A team must consist of only 3 participants
∙ Multiple teams from a single college are allowed
∙ The event consists of 2 rounds and a select number of teams will qualify to the second round
∙ Anyone can participate, not just theatre enthusiasts
∙ Anyone with a flair for impromptu performances are welcome
∙ Registrations will be on spot


Round 1
∙ This is an eliminative round
∙ Each member from the team will be given a quirky character, using which they are required to prepare a sketch
∙ Each team will get 10 minutes to prepare a sketch
∙ Each team gets 5 minutes for their performance
∙ During the performance, the participants are allowed to speak on stage, profanity and vulgar gestures are strictly prohibited
∙ The Judges’ decision will be final and binding and is not open to review

Round 2:
∙ Each selected team is required to nominate 2 out the 3 teammates to take the stage
∙ Scenarios and a preparation time of 5 minutes will be given
∙ At a certain point, judges can freeze the performance where the 3rd teammate joins them on stage with a character/plot suggested by the judge
∙ From there, the judges can freeze participants, take suggestions from the audience and switch the scenario or a particular detail, which the participants have to adapt to when they are subsequently unfrozen
∙ Each team gets 5 minutes in total for their impromptu performance
∙ The Judges’ decision will be final and binding and is not open to review


Coming Up Soon !!!


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