Dumb Charades

Signals sync and mixed emotions drift in the air, as you exchange delicate clues inscribed in subtle messages. Dumb Charades has fascinated minds ever since one can remember. For those of few words, where actions speak louder than words;
A tantalizing throwback to your very own childhood favourite on the big stage. 


An event where one person enacts the given prompt to his/her teammates without speaking.
- Consists of 2 rounds - Prelims and Finals
- Teams of 3, where one has to enact to the other 2
- 6-8 teams from the Prelims will qualify for the finals
-The Finals will have the same rules and format as the Prelims
- Top 3 teams will be awarded prizes

Coming Up Soon !!!


  • Sai Sudhir - +91 93845 51698
  • Parasu - +91 94448 19790
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