1) From when can I avail accommodation?

From 13th September 2018, 3:00 PM onwards.


2) What are the documents that I am supposed to bring?

It is mandatory to bring the College ID card and your Festember QR Code when you arrive at the PR desk for Festember registration at NIT Trichy.


3) What if we arrive later than our time mentioned during Advanced Booking?

A buffer time of 2 hours is given to participants who have done advanced booking. Upon exceeding the 2-hour limit, the booking will be automatically cancelled. However, the participant can also book for accommodation on the spot, subject to availability of rooms.


3) Does the accommodation charge include food?

No, but you can make use of the canteens/food stalls available during Festember at your own expense.


4) When does accommodation close?

The accommodation facilities close by 15th September 2018, 23:59 hours. Participants are requested to vacate the hostels at the latest by 17th September 2018, 05:00 hours.


5) Can I register for accommodation without registering for PR?

No, PR registration is necessary for accommodation.


6) When will I get my caution deposit back?

The caution deposit shall be refunded back at the time of vacating, provided there is no overstay and damage to the room or any other college property.


7) What are the charges for Accommodation?

Please refer to the Accommodation section in the site.


8) Can I vacate earlier than the registered date?

Yes, the money will not be refunded.


9) Can I cancel accommodation after registering?

Yes, you can cancel the registration, but money will not be refunded.


10) Whom should I approach for accommodation on arrival?

You have to report at the PR and Hospitality desk situated at the entrance near the Security Office.

11) Will accommodation be provided if I arrive late in the night?

The Festember PR and Hospitality desk will function 24/7 on all days of Festember. However, girls are advised not to arrive during late night hours (23:00 – 04:30).

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