Escape room

One Room; One Exit, and One Objective: Get out of the room!
Ever wanted to try online room games in real life? Here’s your chance!
You and your friends are locked up inside a room littered with clues hiding in plain sight. Flex
your grey cells and decode the clues one by one to find your way out! Do you have the skills to
break out of the Escape room?




A game of grit and fun alike. Participants will be given a zorb ball and pitted against each other.
A zorb ball is a bouncy air-filled sphere that you wear like a bodysuit, making the game more
challenging and interesting as you bounce and wade your way through with the ball to try and
take down your opponents. A survival game with a fun element, zorb face off is bound to be




To conquer, you need to be swift enough to match the rhythm of rotating cushion. Jump, wait,
squat, jump! As easy as it sounds, make a mistake and you will be wiped out! Put your skills to
the test in the Meltdown game with your buddies to survive till the end.



Virtual Reality

Reality may get boring, overrated and too mainstream for the likes of our dynamic generation.
How about living out your fantasies, as you enter a reality like no other?
"Virtual Reality" is coming to Trichy, this Festember! Get ready to be enthralled by the lands of




Done having every bit of fun and now bored? Get aboard the hoverboard and ride Back to the
future with this insanely addictive piece of technology. Two wheels. Two heels. Proper balance
of your weight and a million memories await.



Bungee Trampoline

We shall learn to obey and defy gravity at the same time! Confused?
If an adrenaline rush is what you need, Bungee Trampoline is the sport for you!
Adventure junkies, be ready to experience excitement, thrill, elation and, in NITT!



Soap Soccer

The game of football with a twist! Play in an enclosed bouncy castle with soap and water
covering the entire play-area. This makes for a slippery and thrilling version of football that is
more fun than ever.




Gear up for a unique experience to make all your offroad fantasies come true. Steer your way
through rough grounds on the All Terrain Vehicle that is sure to get your heart racing and
adrenaline pumping.


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