Melting words

Have you ever read emotional micro-fiction stories online that had a profound effect on your
heart and soul? Ever pondered over how to create such heart-warming stories? Well, look no
further, for Festember ‘18 has the perfect workshop for you! Rahul Kaushik, the writer behind
the popular micro-tale page ‘The Melting Pot’, will be conducting a writers’ workshop on 15th
September. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!



Nimble feet and deft hands usually knock out a rogue's charge. But, those slick maneuvers can
also wow. Let the Brazilian martial art form of Capoeira ebb through your limbs; step out, and
show the world that fight and flair can certainly go together.



Want to learn new tricks to impress your friends? Ever heard of cardistry?
Cardistry is the art of manipulating playing cards to exhibit creativity and skill. Flip a card, shuffle
a deck, play with your fingers, unveil your creativity, and become a seemingly effortless cardist
this Festember.


Lyrical Hip-hop

Dance is a way to both find and lose oneself - it is a beautiful synchronization of the mind, body
and soul that makes you one with the universe. Sign up for the lyrical Hip-hop workshop at
Festember '18 and learn the art form that took the streets by storm with its groove and narrative!



Ventriloquism is the craft of puppeteering mastered only by a few. Transfiguring their voice to fit
the puppet, ventriloquists enrapture us in their illusion. It's no mean feat to do this while
maintaining a continuous back and forth with the puppet. Don't miss out on this opportunity to try
your hand at Ventriloquism this Festember!


Stand up comedy

Humour has become a much-needed source of respite in our lives. While watching stand-up
comedy shows, the feeling of pure joy we get from their sprightly jokes is unmatched. Wouldn't it
be exciting to become a virtuoso in making people laugh?
Lighten up as Festember presents to you the "Stand-up Comedy" workshop.


Paint pouring

Are you someone who is inclined towards works of art, but is too lazy to pick a brush? Do you
love to see colours form psychedelic shapes with minimal help? If so, paint pouring is just for
you! Grab this grand opportunity to discover the artist in you, this Festember.


Glass Blowing

Glass blowing is a one of a kind art with the work of remarkable artists reflecting on the beautiful
shapes of their glass work. They strike a similarity between glass blowing and a pencil drawing,
with the glass rod on the left hand acting like a notebook and the one on the right hand working
like a pencil to create three-dimensional glass drawings. This Festember, grab the opportunity
to learn this exquisite art as we bring to you, the Glass Blowing workshop.



Let the temperature soar this Festember as we bring you the Salsa workshop. Experience the
brilliance of this dance form with your partner! Let the rhythm guide you as we show you the
moves to sashay into that next date.



A discipline originating from military training, Parkour is an activity that will feed your adrenaline
rush. If obstacle courses are your forte, and swinging, vaulting, rolling and climbing excite you,
Parkour is the workshop for you this Festember!



This Festember, place yourselves in the shoes of the adept Aborigine hunters of Australia.
Prepare to learn and grasp their hunting skills in the Australian outback with this workshop, as
you master your skills with the boomerang!
Don't miss out on your opportunity to become the best hunter down under!


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