Informal Events will happen on all three days (4, 5, 6 October) from 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM

Bungee Trampoline

We shall learn to obey and defy gravity at the same time! Confused?
If an adrenaline rush is what you need, Bungee Trampoline is the sport for you!
Adventure junkies, be ready to experience excitement, thrill, elation and, in NITT!


A game of grit and fun alike. Participants will be given a zorb ball and pitted against each other.
A zorb ball is a bouncy air-filled sphere that you wear like a bodysuit, making the game more
challenging and interesting as you bounce and wade your way through with the ball to try and
take down your opponents. A survival game with a fun element, zorb face off is bound to be interesting.

Mechanical Bull

A feverish atmosphere. The soaring enthusiasm of a frenzied crowd. A bull charging towards you with all its might. If that gave you an adrenaline rush, then look no further. This Festember, the Mechanical Bull informal event brings the colloseums of Rome to NIT-Trichy. So tame the bull and seize your glory!

Human Foosball

Foosball: a timeless party game which has continued to amuse for decades. What better than to bring this exciting game to life? Festember presents Human Foosball - Foosball minus the table, plus the field! Be sure to get your spirits soaring your blood pumping from enjoyment and raucous laughter as you play with your friends. Who says football can only be for the sporty kids?


The beautifully coordinated flight of a flock of birds is spectacular to behold. If you have ever wanted to soar into the sky and rule the clouds, This Festember your dream will come true! Woosh past the campus in a adrenaline pumping , mesmerising trip that'll sure leave you wanting for more!


Feel the unparalleled rush of steering your way through coarse terrains on the All Terrain Vehicles and be prepared to realise all your off-road fantasies.Come join in the fun and gain an experience worth having and a memory worth savouring!

Escape Room

If you're intrigued by puzzles and love confined spaces, it's your lucky day. This Festember get ready to be put in a locked room with the clock against you. Come and enjoy the fun and thrill of an Escape Room, challenging your every move to the minute.