The Schedule for the Workshops can be found in this link

Visual Effects

An amazing idea requires an even greater talent to bring it to life. Learn how to take your videos to the next level by incorporating subtle as well as flashy visual effects in Festember's Visual Effects workshop.

Venue: Orion


Wildlife Photography

To photograph is to hold one’s breath, to converge all faculties in an attempt to capture wisps of fleeting reality. Learn the art of capturing precise moments at Festember's Wildlife Photography Workshop and savour the efforts of your physical and intellectual toil.

Venue: Orion

Freestyle Football

Get the flair of Neymar, the smooth touch of Berbatov and the nutmegging ability of Messi as Festember brings to you the Freestyle Football workshop. Learn all the tricks of the trade to bust them out anywhere, be it the pitch or the asphalt.

Venue: Mechanical Department

Charcoal Drawing

Let your artistic emotions be kindled through the shades of black. Festember 2019 presents to you a Charcoal Drawing workshop, wherein you will learn the exquisite skill to express and elevate your sketches through the use of charcoal.

Venue: Orion


This Festember, learn how to create a masterpiece right from scratch. Arm yourself with artistic precision and patience, as you blend carefully placed dots into a work of art at the Pointillism workshop!

Venue: Orion


Micro Art is an artform where miniature-sized artifacts are made. Pencil graphite carvings and rice grain writing are some of the popular skills amongst others. If microartistry interests you, this is your chance! Festember '19 brings to you the Micro Art workshop, where you'll be given insights into the skill of microartistry!

Venue: Orion


En-garde! Learn the graceful art of fencing with the helping hand of professionals to catch any opponent with a surprise riposte. So grab your sabre and take position!

Venue: Badminton Court


The beats of Electronic Dance Music are known to put one in a trance, ready to rave and dance. There's something in EDM that uplifts and excites, no matter what. This Festember, get ready to unleash the DJ in you and learn the exclusive art of creating EDM. If controlling the energy of a crowd with solely the power of your music sounds like your thing, Festember's EDM workshop is just for you!

Venue: LHC


Learn how to create the magic of music without any instruments and infuse life into anything mundane. If beatboxing intrigues you, Festember's Beatboxing workshop is the place to be!

Venue: Orion


Dance isn't some hobby that you pick up, rather it's a way of life which you perfect into an artform. Step up to this challenge and join Festember 2019's very own Locking Workshop, the best way to master the moves.

Venue: Badminton Court

Argentine Tango

Let the movement flow through your body, let the dance run through your veins. Step up to visualise the decade-old dance form that leaves you breathless with its quick-paced steps. Festember '19 has it just in store for you. We present to you the Argentine Tango workshop.

Venue: Badminton Court